You have a Choice to transform Your whole Life Experience…!!!


-Master Eckhart

Have you ever Wondered,along this span of Modern Era We as Human Beings have lost the true meaning of life & What we are doing feels more like a kind of rat race going on …??

My goodness dont you remember when we first went to School, we went to kindergarden & in kindergarden the idea was to push so that we can get to the First grade then Second to on & on until we went to College. In College we prepared hard to get into the World.

Now, as we get into the World comes the Problems of Success & Recognition with that we should have someone who can love us more than we can think. But along the way we never Realized that all these Predicaments of Life became a Must, Like something We have to do or we have to get & we took this soo seriously to a Point where we can’t even find a single Moment of Peace & Joy. We made our Everyday lives into a Constant State of Unpleasentness. As we go on further & further alot of us Started Suffering this Unpleasantness in many ways like

  • Worry
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Unhappiness

As time Passes Some of us Experience Intense Pressure & ever increasing problems to a point, where we are being tortured by their Own Minds. The Voice in the Head Creates doubts, fears & suffering and sometimes leads people to Depression as well.

Isn’t that Strange like We are the Creatures of Heaven Started thinking about all this rat race to such an extent that our own Mind made our life a huge ball of Mess in such a way that we don’t even know how to Calm our Minds for Just Even a few Moments to Experience Peace and live a single day of our life in a Pleasant Way of Happiness.

I am not Saying Everyone is like that, there are People who are living their lives happily But there are also some people Who Suffer with Every Single Passing Day because of their certain life aspects like

Love Relationships

Success & Recognition

With Constant State of Suffering our lives have become a burden & We sometimes suffer this pain so much than we want to get out of our lives to end this Pain by giving anything that we have to a point where we secretly think to give up our life as well to end this Continuous Suffering. I know you might be thinking how do I know all this stuff, have i read an intresting book or someone told me or may be i was just writing my thoughts about Society.

No its not like that all you have read till now is an extraction of my life & a few People who were quite close to me so that i observed a few aspects in their life as well.

I really don’t know have you ever lost someone you loved more than yourself or you just tried so hard to change your life to become successful and ended up in failure. If you have experienced any of the two above I am sure i dont have to say anything more on that as I know that You know that.

Fortunately or Unfortunately I experienced both of them to a point that I just want to end my life many times But the most intresting thing that happened to me after all this suffering was that I came to know about this Human Consciousness & Mind Arts.

This information entirely changed my life sometimes Past Memories try to steal my Peace but these tools keep me on track. This Information helped me to change my life not in a sence that I became Successful or I got that girl but in a whole new way that Now in this Present Moment that I am living its Peaceful I have what I always wanted with a deep sense of knowing.

Above all the experience of my life is completely Changed. I mostly Experience Love Transformations & Peace is my Every Moment Companion without incessant thinking of Compulsive thoughts.

Don’t confuse yourself with jargons If you will feel you will know the truth. If you are suffering everyday of your life as well then may be I can help you to rediscover your Peace & love that you might lost along the way.

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If you will call I will show you a way to live a life that is not burden but a continuous Seeking with deep sense of Peace and love will be your Companion along the Way of your life.

With Love…..!!!